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ADM Soccer Club


The ADM Soccer Club wants to thank you for taking the time to be a club coach!

If you have never been a coach before, it’s truly a fun and rewarding experience! To help you become the best coach you can be, please visit some of the coaching resources on this site. These will serve as a starting point for you on your journey to becoming a successful soccer coach. Much of what you will learn as a coach will come from watching other coaches, local games, reading, research, and continued coaching. If you have any question about being a club coach, please do not hesitate to contact Phillippe Taborga,Director of Coaching.


A successful season is a season, during which, all the players had fun, everyone’s basic soccer skills improved, and their life skills grew.

Code of Ethics for Coaches

  • I will treat each player, opposing coach, official, parent and administrator with respect and dignity.
  • I will acknowledge in my behavior and language that the ADM Soccer Club exists for the children first and a love of soccer second.
  • I will, in all circumstances, teach and model good sportsmanship…winning with grace and losing with dignity.
  • I will base playing time decisions on individual player development and learning…not winning.
  • I will do my best to learn the fundamental skills, teaching and evaluation techniques and strategies of soccer.
  • I will become thoroughly familiar with the rules of soccer and teach them to players and parents.
  • I will uphold the authority of officials who are assigned to the contests in which I coach, and I will assist them in every way to conduct fair and impartial competitive contests.
  • I will learn the strengths and weaknesses of my players so that I might place them into situations where they have a maximum opportunity to achieve success.
  • I will plan and conduct my practices and games so that all players have opportunity to improve their skill level through active participation.
  • I will communicate to my players and their parents the rights and responsibilities of individuals on our team.
  • I will protect the health and safety of my players by insisting that all of the activities under my control are conducted for their psychological and physiological welfare, rather than for the vicarious interests of adults.

Game Rules

As a young player, one of the most important aspects of soccer is being involved in the game. The Iowa Soccer Association implemented a philosophy that mandates small-sided games for the U6-U12 age groups. The purpose of this is to foster an environment where learning and player development can take place with smaller fields and on-the-field team sizes.

Under 6 (3v3 with no Goalkeeper)

Under 8 (4v4 with no Goalkeeper)

Under 10 (7v7 with 6 field players and 1 Goalkeeper)

Under 12 (9v9 with 8 field players and 1 Goalkeeper)